KAΛΩSINI, an art project for kind people


“KAΛΩSINI” (kalosini) is a Greek word which literally means; the quality of a man who wants to bring good and happiness on the fellowman.

Its central goal is to transfer the message that this word carries around the world by organizing art exhibitions in different places on the planet while helping a different cause every time on this place.
Artists from around the world are invited to get inspired by the KAΛΩSINI theme and create a usable object of their choice; alternatively, they can create a work of art that can be incorporated or fitted on an object.
On this very first step, Mara Kartali designs the symbol-bracelet inspired by the logo of  KAΛΩSINI.
5 euros of the purchase of each bracelet will be offered to aid KIVOTOS TOU KOSMOY (“Ark of the World”)

For more information please visit: www.kalosini.com