The bespoke process is one that Mara Kartali treasures, the desire to create one of a kind jewellery addressed to high-end clientelle. Her sensibility to the personalities of her private clients inspires her to create exquisitely unique pieces. In this exciting process, she works alongside the customer as a team. By understanding each client’s uniqueness, she is able to guide you most efficiently; these include the types and qualities of stones, preference of metal, any timeframe and the budget in mind. Each bespoke piece is made entirely by hand in Mara Kartali’s master craftsmen team.

Some things are meant to be shared over and over again, while others are destined to be created only once. These are the one of a kind bespoke pieces.


Mara Kartali is happy to work with client’s existing stones or alternatively can source precious gemstones and diamonds to suits any client’s tastes and budgets. It must be stressed that diamonds and gemstones are bought only from dealers who can provide evidence of legitimate sourcing and who do not fund conflict. To honour the trust placed on the designer each client is gifted with international certificates for all impotant stones. Jewellery can often be a deeply private affair and as a result, discretion is paramount. Details of client commissions are strictly confidential.

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